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(a)   Individuals with a Social Security Card


When the individualís Social Security card is viewed by the representative and there is evidence of the individualís identity, the Social Security number on the individualís card will be considered a verified Social Security number and will be entered on the AEIID screen along with the type of verification. Observing the Food Stamp householdís Social Security card or any official document from the Social Security Administration containing the SSN shall be sufficient for Food Stamp purposes.


Once a Social Security number has been verified, it shall be reverified if the identity of the individual or the SSN becomes questionable. No further action is required.


(b)   Individuals with Unverified Social Security Numbers


Every effort should be made to verify all Social Security numbers. If the individualís Social Security number is unverified, the caseworker should use the State On-line Query System (SOLQ). The system gives the caseworker access to Social Security numbers and possible verification of the individualís number. If SOLQ is unable to verify, additional contact with Social Security would be needed. The individual would continue to be eligible for benefits until Social Security completes a review to verify the number.


(c)    Individuals Without Social Security Numbers


The enumeration requirement for Food Stamps is met when the SS-5 is signed and the verifying documents have been provided. Households who have met this requirement may be certified before the Enumeration Transmittal Sheet is received from the SSA.


(d)   Individuals Who Request to Apply at the Social Security Office


The representative should encourage the individual to complete the enumeration process at the county office. For those unwilling to complete the enumeration process at the county office (i.e., will not or cannot leave original documents), application for a Social Security number may be made at the Social Security office with DHS assisting the individual using the following procedure.


1.      Complete an SS-5 through section 14.


Note: ††The individualís identification number must be annotated in the NPN section.


2.      Complete an Enumeration Transmittal Sheet and copy for each SS-5 and staple the original Transmittal Sheet to the back of the SS-5.


3.      Inform the individual of what evidence is required to complete the enumeration process.


4.      File the copy of the Transmittal Sheet in a central file and document in running record (CLRC).


5.      Instruct the individual to carry or mail the SS-5, Transmittal Sheet, and the original evidence to the SSA office for certification.


If the enumeration documents are acceptable to the SSA, they will complete Part III of the Transmittal Sheet and return it to the appropriate county office. The completed Transmittal Sheet will be accepted as proof that the individual applied for a Social Security number at the Social Security Office and that the enumeration requirement has been met. It also eliminates the need to use Form SSA-5028, Receipt for Application for a Social Security Number.


Note:In the event that the individual applies for a Social Security number prior to applying for Food Stamps and provides the SSA-5028, this receipt may be accepted as proof that the enumeration requirement has been met.


Social Security will not complete Part III of the Transmittal Sheet and return it to DHS until they have certified the individualís enumeration documents. If Social Security determines the SS-5 or the evidence is unacceptable, they will return all enumeration documents and the Transmittal Sheet to the individual with an explanation regarding what additional information is required for certification.


The enumeration process cannot be completed until the individual obtains the necessary information and returns the SS-5, evidence and Transmittal Sheet to the Social Security for certification. The enumeration requirement is not met until DHS receives the completed Transmittal Sheet when the individual chooses to apply at the Social Security Office.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents