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1240-1-3-.15 (1)

Enumeration is looked at:


(a)   As a condition of eligibility to receive Food Stamps, each applicant/recipient included in the household must:


1.      furnish to the Department a Social Security account number (SSN) or numbers if more than one has been issued, or


2.      if an individualís account number is unknown or one has not been issued to him/her, apply for an SSN prior to approval/certification.


This eligibility requirement applies to each Food Stamp household member. A person who does not furnish or apply for a Social Security number is not eligible to receive Food Stamps. However, if an individual does furnish or apply for an SSN, (s)he shall be eligible for Food Stamps.


(b)   Informing Requirement


1.      Federal law and regulations require that each applicant and/or recipient be advised of the regulation requiring that (s)he furnish a Social Security number to this Department and how the number is to be used. In addition to the verbal explanation by a representative of the county office at the time of application or review of circumstances, each individual will be given the pamphlet regarding the Privacy Act. One pamphlet is to be provided per household.


The verbal explanation to be given the household member is to include the following information:


(i)     This is a Federal law and regulation.


(ii)      The furnishing of Social Security numbers is a condition of eligibility. Failure to furnish or apply for a Social Security number within the prescribed time limits will cause the individual to be ineligible for assistance.


(iii)    The Social Security number will be used in the administration of the Food Stamp Program. At this time, the Social Security number will be used as a means of identification in securing information essential to the determination of eligibility.


2.      If, after the explanation is given, individual(s) who are required to furnish or apply for a Social Security number and refuse to do so, shall be ineligible to participate in the Food Stamp Program.

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Food Stamp Table of Contents