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Student Status and Educational Income






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1240-1-4-.15 (D)

(1)   Consider an eligible studentís resources in the same manner as for any other eligible household member.


(2)   Do not deduct educational expenses from resources.


Example:Hester Prynne is a student at Mossy Tech. She has $1000 in a savings account from her earnings at a summer job. She uses this money to pay tuition and fees for her first semester, before she is approved for any student aid. Tuition and fees cannot be deducted from this resource.


Exclude as resources those educational funds unless they are retained after the period of intended use.


Example:Hester now receives non-federal educational grants. Although $1500 is deposited in Hesterís savings account, do not count it as a resource during the school year. However, if she retains the money after the last of the school year, it must be counted as a resource at that time.


Cross Reference: Commingled Funds Resources Section 1240-4.05-(19)


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Food Stamp Table of Contents