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Legal Reference: 1240-1-2-.02-(3)



(a)   Students who meet the student eligibility criteria during the regular school year remain eligible during the summer months. 

(b)   Ineligible students may become eligible at any time, including during school vacations, if they meet one of the eligibility criteria.

(c)    Students who lose their enrollment status, or who do not intend to register for the next normal school session (excluding summer school), lose their student status and are treated as any other person/household. 


Example:  Timothy Cratchitt, a freshman at Carlyle University, was awarded college work study for the school year September, 2008 – May, 2009.  He received food stamps during this time because he met one of the student eligibility criteria.  Tim will not attend summer school in June, 2009.  However, Tim will retain his eligible student status because he was an eligible student for the academic year 2008 – 2009 and is planning to return to school in the fall.


Example:  Tim Cratchitt returned to Carlyle University in September, 2009, but because of budget cuts, did not receive college work study.  He found a job, but could only work 10 hours per week.  He has no dependents.  Tim’s application for food stamps was denied because he no longer met any of the student eligibility criteria.


Example:  In December, 2009, Tim Cratchitt reapplied for food stamps after Carlyle University closed for the holidays.  He was still working only 10 hours per week.  However, Tim verified that he had withdrawn from school due to financial problems and would not return to Carlyle University.  Because he was otherwise eligible and was no longer a student, Tim was approved for food stamps.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents