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Revised:  6/24/11



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Most households will be assigned to Simplified Reporting (SR).  The only households that would not be assigned to SR are cases that are certified for twelve months because the only earned income is annualized income from self-employment.


The households, once assigned to Simplified Reporting, are required to complete an Interim Report during the sixth month of the certification period and are required to report:


·        a change in monthly gross income that exceeds the food stamp gross income standard for the household size determined at the most recent certification,


·         a change in the total resource amount of all household members that exceeds $2,000 or more, and


·        for a household with an employed able-bodied adult without dependents, any time at which hours of employment go below 20 hours per week. 


Simplified Reporting cases must report required changes within the first 10 days of the month following the month the change occurred.


Simplified Reporting households must be given the appropriate certification (a partial month of benefits is considered one of the twelve months in the certification period).  If a change occurs during a SR household’s certification period that the household no longer meets the SR criteria, the household is to stay in SR for the remainder of the certification period.  Although only certain changes are required to be reported, the worker must act on all changes that are reported by the household.  If verification of an increased expense/deduction is not provided, continue using the amount in the budget at the point the change was reported.


For a non-SR household that reports another source of countable earned income during a certification period eligibility must be redetermined; if found to be eligible, the household will be assigned to SR, and will be notified of the SR reporting requirements.


(a)   If an annualized self-employment household becomes subject to SR:


1.      Certify the household for twelve months unless elderly/disabled household without earnings (set the end date to twelve full months from the date the change was processed);


2.   document on CLRC that the household is now SR; with the new certification period; and


3.   explain the new reporting requirements and provide the household with information about SR.


(b)   If the household is currently certified less than twelve months:


1.   explain the new reporting requirements to the household and provide them with a copy of the Change Report Form that includes SR information;


2.   document on CLRC that the household meets the Simplified Reporting criteria;


3.   do not extend the current certification period, but code the case for SR at the next renewal.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents