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(a)   Head of Household Moves


1.      Reports to the Current County


·        If the head of the household is moving with some but not all household members, delete the members that remain in the current county. 


·        The remaining household members will be required to file an application and be determined eligible in order to receive benefits.


·        When there are multiple Food Stamp AGs in one case, and the head of the case moves to a new county the remaining AGs are not required to file a new application.  However, it will be necessary to go through application registration to establish a new case.  When establishing a new case, be sure the current application date for the case they are currently in (the case being transferred) is entered for the new case so that the certification period is unchanged.  Document in the new case’s running record the circumstances and the reason that a new application was not required. 


·        The caseworker in the county having current control of the case will update the address on the appropriate ACCENT screens and document the circumstances in running record and transfer the case to the new county.


·        Once a caseworker has been assigned in the new county, the household will either be given or sent a verification letter requesting verification for the shelter, utilities and other pertinent information, if needed.  The household is to provide the requested information to the new county within 10 days of the date the letter was sent or given to the household.


2.      The Move is Reported to the New County


·        If the recipient reports the move to the new county first, the caseworker in the new county will notify the caseworker in the county having control of the case.  The current caseworker will transfer the case to the new county.

·        When the case is transferred, the caseworker in the new county will request the required verification.  

·        Verification necessary to determine ongoing eligibility is not provided, the case will be closed.


(b)   Head of Household Remains in the Current County


·              If the head of the household remains in the current county and other members move to a new county, the caseworker in the current county will delete the members moving to the new county.

·              The moving members must make application in the new county for benefits.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents