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If the county discovers the household failed to report a change as required by Section 1240-1-19-.04(1) or (2), and as a result, received benefits to which it was not entitled, the worker will pend a claim on COTS.   If the discovery is made within the certification period, ACCENT will generate a decrease notice when the household’s benefits are reduced.  Failure to report a change will not automatically be construed to be a suspected intentional program violation.  Individuals will not be disqualified from the Food Stamp Program for failure to report a change unless the individual is disqualified in accordance with the disqualification procedure specified in 1240-1-20.  If a household should lose benefits because of failure to report changes timely or at all, the household is not entitled to restoration of lost benefits.


Do not impose any reporting requirements on households, except as noted above.  Submitting a change should not be treated as a waiver of the household’s right to a 10-day advance adverse action notice.

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Food Stamp Table of Contents