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The caseworker must designate the person in whose name the Food Stamps will be issued.  This individual will be the person designated as head of the household.  The A/R may name an authorized representative.


An authorized representative must be:


(1)   designated by the head of the household or the spouse, or other responsible member of the household; and


(2)   an adult who is sufficiently aware of relevant household circumstances.  In the event the only adult member of a household is classified as a non-household member, that person may be designated as the authorized representative for the minor household members.


(3)   The head of the household, spouse, or any other responsible member of the household may designate an authorized representative to act on behalf of the household in one or all of the capacities listed below.


(a)   Making Application for the Program


When the head of the household or the spouse cannot make application, another household member may apply or an adult non-household member may be designated as the authorized representative for that purpose.  Form HS-0169, Application for Assistance, should be signed by the head of the household designating this authorized representative.  The head of the household or the spouse should prepare or review the application whenever possible, even though another household member or the authorized representative will actually be interviewed.  The worker shall inform the household that the household will be held liable for any overissuance which results from erroneous information given by the authorized representative, except as provided in 1240-1-31.


(b)   Using the Food Stamp Benefits


The authorized representative may use benefits to purchase food for the household’s consumption, with the full knowledge and consent of the household, provided the authorized representative has an EBT card and PIN for the household.


(c)    Drug Addict/Alcoholic Treatment Centers as Authorized Representatives


Narcotics addicts or alcoholics who regularly participate in a drug or alcoholic treatment program on a resident basis may voluntarily elect to participate in the Food Stamp Program if the treatment center in which they reside has been approved by a department and is a nonprofit agency.  The residents shall apply and be certified for program participation through the use of an authorized representative, who shall be an employee of and designated, by the private nonprofit organization or institution.  Since the organization or institution is applying on behalf of each addict or alcoholic, they shall receive and spend the coupon allotment for food prepared by or for the addict or alcoholic.  The organization or institution shall also be responsible for complying with the requirements set forth in Section 1240-1-31.


(d)   Documentation and Control of Authorized Representatives


Limits shall not be placed on the number of households an authorized representative may represent.  The caseworker should exercise caution to assure that:  the household has freely requested the assistance of the authorized representative; the household’s circumstances are correctly represented and the household is receiving the correct amount of benefits and that the authorized representative is properly using the benefits.  County offices, which suspect authorized representatives of not properly using benefits, should report the circumstances to the State Office who shall report to FNS.


(e)   Restrictions on Authorized Representatives


1.      County office employees who are involved in the certification process and retailers that are authorized to accept food stamp benefits may not act as authorized representative without the specific written approval of the District Supervisor or his designee, and only if that official determines that no one else is available to serve as an authorized representative.


2.      Individuals disqualified for fraud shall not act as authorized representatives during the period of disqualification, unless the individual disqualified is the only adult member of the household able to act on its behalf and the caseworker has determined that no one else is available to serve as an authorized representative.  The caseworker shall separately determine whether these individuals are needed to apply on behalf of the household, and to use the benefits for food for the household.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents