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Food Stamp benefits are authorized by ACCENT and mailed to the address shown on the AEICI Screen, and are payable only to an authorized recipient, or duly designated representative.  Certain guidelines must be followed in determining where benefits should be mailed:


·        The county office has the benefits issued in care of the county office address because the household has no fixed address.  This will be done only in very rare instances for “homeless” households who have no address or post office box to which their benefits can be mailed (i.e., street people, people living in automobiles, etc.) and the household requests the county office address be used.


·        Do not issue EBT cards or PIN mailers to DHS staff members unless the staff member is certified to participate in the Food Stamp program in his or her own right (refer to Section 1240-1-13.  Employee Applications);


·        Do not mail EBT cards or PIN mailers to “General Delivery” or “in care of” an address other than the household’s residence, unless specifically requested by the household to do so.


Note:  Document the case to reflect the reason(s) for not mailing EBT cards or PIN mailers to the household’s physical address.


Note: Do not issue EBT cards or PIN mailers “in care of” a particular merchant or business establishment.


Follow procedures in Section 1240-1-19 (address change, lost benefits, case closure), as appropriate, when the post office returns EBT cards or PIN mailers to the county office because the only HH member has died, or when a recipient reports not receiving his/her card or mailer.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents