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As a result of differences in Food Stamp and Families First application processing procedures, the caseworker may have to determine the food stamp eligibility prior to determining eligibility for Families First payments.  Action on the food stamp portion of the application shall not be delayed nor the application denied on grounds that the Families First determination has not been made.  If the caseworker can anticipate the amount and the date of receipt of Families First payment but the payment will not be received until a subsequent month, the caseworker shall vary the household’s food stamp benefit level according to the Families First payment and notify the household. 


Portions of initial payments intended to retroactively cover a previous month shall be disregarded as a lump sum payment.  If the amount or the month of receipt of the initial Families First payment cannot be reasonably anticipated at the time of the food stamp eligibility determination, the payment shall be handled as a change in circumstances.  When the Food Stamp benefits are authorized, ACCENT will automatically send any approval notice that will inform the household that they will not receive another notice about their food stamp benefits if Families First is approved, but that their food stamps will be adjusted.


A household whose Families First application is denied shall not be required to file a new food stamp application but shall have their food stamp eligibility determined or continued on the basis of the original application filed jointly for Families First and food stamp purposes and any other documented information obtained subsequent to the application which may have been used in the Families First determination and which is relevant to food stamp eligibility or level of benefits.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents