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Interviewing for Eligibility




Food Stamp Table of Contents


(1)   The county will schedule face-to-face or out-of-office interviews as promptly as possible after the filing of applications in order to ensure that eligible households receive an opportunity to participate in the Food Stamp program within thirty (30) days after the application is filed.


(2)   If a household fails to appear for a scheduled interview after an application has been filed with the county office, or prior to the date the food stamp certification period expires, these procedures will be followed:


(a)   deny the application to generate a Notice of Missed Appointment to the applicant to reflect the missed appointment.  This notice informs the applicant that he/she missed the appointment and that if they want to keep receiving Food Stamps, they must contact the county to schedule a new appointment.  The application will be held pending until the end of the month (if filed by the 15th) or for 30 days (if filed after the 15th);


(b)   if the HH/AG contacts the office to reschedule, schedule the second appointment as soon as possible to ensure that the original 30-day processing timeframe can be met. (Refer to FAM 1240-1-17 for timeliness on rescheduled interviews);


(c)    if the HH/AG does not contact the office to reschedule, do not schedule a second appointment.  Let the existing certification expire, or for an application, deny the application at the end of the 30-day period.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents