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Food Stamp Online  Policy Manual

Application Process




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(1)   Approval


If it is determined that the applicant is eligible for assistance, the caseworker shall:


(a)     Record documentation information on the CLRC screen


(b)    Complete the case and authorize on ACCENT.


(2)   Denial


In some instances it will be obvious during the intake interview that an applicant is ineligible.  When this occurs the caseworker should explain the reason for denial to the applicant and document in the case notes, then authorize the denial. 


If it is determined late in the process that the applicant is ineligible for assistance, the caseworker shall complete the necessary screens in the case management system, document in case notes, and authorize the denial.


When an application has been mailed to the county office for a renewal appointment and the client does not keep the appointment;


(a)   Enter the application in the case management system with the sign date being the date the application was received, if the application is received within the month of the appointment.  If the application is received prior to the first day of the last month of eligibility, the sign date should be the first day of the last of the month of eligibility.


(b)   Document in case notes the date the appointment was scheduled and that a free from notice was sent to notify the client that the appointment was missed.


(c)    Deny the application to generate a notice informing the client that the appointment was missed and that the appointment must be rescheduled if Food Stamps are wanted.


The application will be held pending until the end of the month (filed by the 15th) or for 30 days (filed after the 15th).  If the client does not contact the county during the pending period, authorize the denial.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents