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SSI/Food Stamp Joint Application Process




Food Stamp Table of Contents


a.      Initial Application and Eligibility Determination


1.      The Social Security Office will complete and forward food stamp applications to the local DHS Office when SSI households apply for food stamps at the Social Security Office.  Whenever a member of the household consisting only of SSI applicants or recipients applies for SSI or at SSI re-determination at the SSA Office, the SSA must inform the household of:


(i)           its right to apply for food stamps at the Social Security Office without going to the Food Stamp Office; and

(ii)     its right to apply at the DHS Office if it chooses to do so.


Note:  While SSA is only informing pure SSI households who are initially applying for or being redetermined for SSI of items (i) and (ii) above, food stamp applications will be taken by SSA from other pure SSI households, if requested when they are at SSA for business other than initial application or redetermination for SSI when criteria for entitlement to joint processing are met.


2.      The Social Security will accept and complete food stamp applications for pure SSI households received at the Social Security Office and forward them within one working day after receipt of a signed application to a designated county office. 


3.      Interviewing Households


Households in which all members are applying for or participating in SSI will not be required to see a state caseworker, or otherwise be subjected to an additional state interview.  The SSI household must be interviewed by Social Security and submit a signed application prior to eligibility determination by DHS.  Interviews may be held in the following manner:


(i)       Telephone Interview


         If Social Security takes an SSI application or redetermination on the telephone from a member of the pure SSI household, a food stamp application also must be completed during the telephone interview and mailed to the claimant for signature for return to the Social Security Office or to the designated county office.  DHS cannot require the household to be interviewed again in the county office.  If the household sends DHS both the Food Stamp application and the SSI application, the county office should forward the SSI application within one working day to Social Security. 


(ii)     Face to Face Interview


         The Social Security will accept and complete applications from pure SSI households at the Social Security Office in accordance with procedures outlined above.


         All signed applications received by Social Security must be forwarded to the designated DHS Office within one working day after receipt of the signed application.


4.      Prescreening for Expedited Service


The Social Security will prescreen all applications for entitlement to expedited service on the day the application is received in the Social Security Office and will mark “Expedited Processing” on the first page of each household’s application that appears to be entitled to expedited service.  The Social Security will inform households which appear to meet the criteria for expedited service that benefits may be issued sooner if the household applies directly at the DHS Office.  The household may take the application from Social Security to the DHS Office for screening, an interview, and processing of the application.


For SSI households entitled to expedited service, the county office will authorize the households no later than the close of business of the fourth calendar day following the date the application was received in the county office.


5.    Standard of Promptness


The Social Security will forward applications received from SSI households to the designated DHS Office within one working day after receipt of a signed application.


6.    Referral of Non SSI Households


The Social Security must refer non-SSI households and those in which not all members have applied for or receive SSI to the appropriate DHS Office.  The county office will process those applications in accordance with the timeliness standards in Section 1240-1-17.


(b)    Recertification


1.      SSI households which have received notice that they are due for recertification, will be entitled to make a timely application for food stamp recertification in accordance with 1240-1-19 at the Social Security Office when the following criteria are met:


·        The Food Stamp certification is ending;

·        The household is still pure SSI; and

·        The household chooses to file with SSA.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents