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Except as specified below, no information from a case record is to be released to anyone outside this Department other than the applicant/recipient or his representative.Such release would be in violation of state and federal regulations, and would probably violate the individualís right to privacy.The exceptions to this policy are:


(a)†††† Use or disclosure of any information obtained from food stamp applicant households, exclusively for the Food Stamp Program, is restricted to the following persons:


1.††††† Persons directly connected with the administration of enforcement of the provisions of the Food Stamp Act or regulations, other federal assistance programs, or federally-assisted state programs which provide assistance, on a means-tested basis, to low income individuals;


2.††††† Employees of the Comptroller Generalís Office of the United States for audit examination authorization by any other provision of law; and


3.††††† Local, state, or federal law enforcement officials, upon their written request, for the purpose of investigating an alleged violation of the Food Stamp Act or regulations.The written request must include the following:


-the identity of the individual requesting the information;

-his/her authority to do so;

-the violation being investigated; and

-   the identity of the person on whom the information is requested.


4.††††† Local, state, or federal law enforcement officials may receive the address, social security number and (if available) photograph of a food stamp recipient if the officer furnishes the recipientís name and notifies the agency that the individual:


-       is fleeing to avoid prosecution, custody or confinement for a felony, or

-       is violating a condition of parole or probation, or

-       has information on a household member necessary for the officer to conduct an official duty related to a felony/parole violation.


(b)††† Release Pursuant to a Valid Subpoena or Court Order


The Department will comply with a valid subpoena or court order for the release of information.If it appears the only basis of the subpoena is to give the attorney the opportunity to plow through our records, the court will be asked to limit the scope of discovery.


(c) ††† Other Requests for Information


†††††††† All other requests for information received by the Department or any of its divisions, such as request for list of names and addresses, should be referred through channels to the appropriate Director of the program involved.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents