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Federal regulations require that information in food stamp case be made available upon written request to a responsible member of the food stamp household, the household’s currently authorized representative or a person acting on the household’s behalf.  Therefore, the food stamp case must be made available for inspection by authorized persons during all normal business hours.  If the person seeking to inspect the case is not a member of the household, the current authorized representative, or a licensed attorney representing the household, written authorization from the household for the person to act on its behalf is required.


A staff member will remain with an (applicant/recipient) A/R, a claimant, or his/her representative who is reviewing a case or is copying material.  While an A/R or his/her representative cannot be denied access to any portion of the case, at times there is information in the case which could be damaging to the person.  This is particularly true of medical/psychiatric/psychological reports.  Also, some material is labeled “Confidential” by the provider.  When such circumstances exist and the person is represented by an attorney, the attorney will be asked to consider the advisability of his/her having access to the documents but withholding them from the A/R.  However, this decision must be made by the attorney/claimant and not by DHS staff.


Staff will make no effort to interpret or explain forms, documents, or other information contained in a case folder being reviewed by an A/R or his/her representative.


A/R’s or their representatives are to be permitted to obtain copies of any pertinent information which they are allowed to see.  Upon an appellant’s or representative’s request, one copy of portions of the case relevant to the fair hearing/fraud hearing will be furnished free of charge. 


When copying equipment is available, copies of other case record material may be furnished to an A/R, or an appellant, or an A/R’s/appellant’s representative at the charge specified at 1240-9-1-.05.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents