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(1)   Public Information


(a)   Official Policy Instructions


Tennessee Department of Human Services Family Assistance Manual and supplemental instructions issued for use in serving households applying for Food Stamps shall be issued to all staff involved in the determination of eligibility for such assistance and shall be maintained in the county and state offices of DHS for examination by the public on regular work days during regular office hours.


(b)   Availability of State and Federal Instructions to the Public


Copies of the Family Assistance Manual may be made by public custodians, at their own expense, who (1) request the manual for use by the public, (2) are centrally located and publicly accessible to a substantial number of the recipient population, and (3) agree to accept responsibility for filing all amendments and changes forwarded to them by DHS.


Other groups, agencies or individuals serving a substantial recipient population who wish to copy the manual, agree to file all amendments and changes forwarded to them by DHS, and who commit themselves to using the manual for informational purposes (i.e. not attempting to determine an individualís eligibility for assistance or determining appropriate action for DHS) may do so at the discretion of the Commissioner or his designee at their own expense.


Upon request, specific policy materials necessary for an applicant/recipient, or his representative, to determine whether a fair hearing should be requested or to prepare for a hearing will be made available to the applicant/recipient and/or his representative without charge.


Up to date copies of the Family Assistance Manual are maintained in the county, district and state DHS offices.These manuals will be made available to persons to read in the office as they have need to do so on regular workdays during normal office hours.Copies of portions of the manual will be made available to students, researchers, other agencies and so on, either at a charge related to the cost of reproduction or at no charge depending upon the amount of material needed.


Regulations, plans of operation, and federal procedures which affect the public shall be maintained in the local and state offices.In addition copies of the aforementioned may be obtained by writing or contacting the Superintendent of Documents, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, or by calling toll free (866) 512-2250, or on the internet at†††


(c)    Other Printed Materials


The Tennessee Department of Human Services will provide other printed materials, such as brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, etc. that clearly describe basic financial and nonfinancial eligibility criteria, the application process, and participants rights and responsibilities.This written information shall be made available to local social security offices, Department of Labor and Workforce offices, and other agencies and organizations assisting in the State Outreach Program.


(2)   Family Assistance Help Line


The Tennessee Department of Human Services will operate a Family Assistance toll-free help line service, which will provide the following:


1.      Information about program requirements and procedures,


2.      Information about complaint and fair hearing procedures,


3.      Completing the necessary complaint forms,


4.      Telephone numbers and addresses of the local county food stamp offices, and


5.      Application forms and informational pamphlets, upon request.


The help line service number (1-888-863-6178) will be posted in all food stamp offices and will be included on printed material.News media throughout the state will publicize the number.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents