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Transitional Food Stamps




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(1)   A household may apply for the regular Food Stamp Program at any time during the TFS period.


(a)  If a household applies for recertification during the transitional period but does not follow through with the application or is determined to be ineligible for the regular Food Stamp Program, advise the household and continue the transitional benefits for the remainder of the five-month period.


1.   If the household applies for regular benefits during the transitional period and is    determined eligible but is entitled to a benefit amount lower than its transitional benefit, encourage the household to withdraw its application and continue to receive transitional benefits.


2.   If the household chooses not to withdraw its application, complete the recertification process and authorize the lower benefit beginning with the first month of the new certification period.


(b) If the household applies for the regular Food Stamp Program and is found eligible for benefits higher than its transitional benefits and the TFS benefits have already been issued for the first month of regular Food Stamp eligibility, authorize the approval and issue the household a supplement for the difference.


(c)  Follow normal application processing guidelines for applications for recertification, Section 1240-1-19-.01, that are submitted in the final month of the transitional period.

Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents