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(1) A Transitional Food Stamp household is not required to report changes during the five-month period unless a household member leaves the household and applies for food stamps in another household.


(2) The TFS household may apply to be recertified for the regular Food Stamp Program at any time while receiving Transitional Food Stamps.


(3) A TFS household that wishes to increase the level of food stamp benefits because of changes that have occurred must re-apply for recertification through the regular Food Stamp Program. This includes changes such as an increase or decrease in household size or loss of earnings or other income.

(4) When someone leaves a TFS household, do not remove the individual or change the TFS benefit unless the individual who left either re-applies for food stamps on his/her own or is added to another food stamp household.


(5) The Transitional Food Stamp household is not required to report any changes in household circumstances to the worker during the five months of TFS.


(a)If a TFS household does report a change, record the changed information on CLRC.


(b) Take no action on the Transitional Food Stamp case unless the client wants the case closed or re-applies for the regular Food Stamp Program and/or Families First and is approved.


(c)Apply the change to the regular food stamp benefits following the TFS period, when a new food stamp certification period is authorized.

(d) If the information reported is relevant to other program benefits received (e.g., TennCare Medicaid) apply the change to that programís eligibility and benefits.


(e)If a household member is disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation during the TFS period, impose the disqualification on the individual and adjust the benefits accordingly.


(f)If a claim is established for the food stamp household, apply the appropriate allotment reduction.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents