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Households may apply for Food Stamps and Families First at the same time, or they may have FF or SSI applications pending when they apply for Food Stamps. Thus, they are not CE households on the day they file their Food Stamp applications, but may become CE when the SSI or FF applications are approved.


When this happens, it is not necessary to wait for the FF or SSI approvals before certifying the household. If the household is eligible under normal Food Stamp policy and procedures, certify it as a non-CE household according to normal procedures.


When the potential CE household is not eligible for benefits under normal policies and procedures, but could be eligible as a CE household (once the FF and/or SSI benefits are approved), follow these steps.


(a)   Delay the Food Stamp determination until the 30th day following application to allow time for the FF or SSI applications to be approved. At the point the household becomes CE, certify it according to the policies and procedures for CE households. Prorate benefits from the date of the Food Stamp application.


(b)   If the household still is not CE on the 30th day after the Food Stamp application was filed, deny the application. Notify the household to report when the SSI is approved (we will know when the FF is approved).


(c)    When you become aware that the pending FF or SSI applications were approved after the Food Stamp application was denied, update the Food Stamp application with any changes that have occurred since the last interview. Do not require the household to be re-interviewed.


When changes have occurred, ask the household to initial, re-sign, and date the original application form. Prorate the household’s benefits from the first day FF or SSI benefits are payable (usually the application date), or the date of the original Food Stamp application, whichever is later.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents