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Categorical Eligibility for Food Stamps






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(a)   Households


Categorical eligibility does not apply to households who:


1.      have a member(s) who is disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation;


2.      have an individual receiving SSI benefits for drug addiction and/or alcoholism (DAA) who is suspended for failure to attend scheduled treatments or to make progress; or


3.      head of household is disqualified because of voluntary quit/work requirements.


Note:  If only one member is disqualified, it would not prohibit the remaining household members from being a CE household.


4.      have a member or members who receive state-funded Families First benefits because they are aliens who do not meet the PRWORA requirements, but do meet the requirements previously in effect in the AFDC Program.


5.      any member of the household is ineligible by virtue of a conviction for a drug-related felony.


(b)   Individuals


The following individuals cannot be included in an otherwise categorically eligible household:


1.      ineligible aliens;


2.      ineligible students; and


3.      institutionalized individuals (except those listed in Section 1240-1-2-.02-(6).


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents