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The period of eligibility for a Food Stamp household is its certification period. Definite periods of time are established within which a household shall be eligible to receive benefits. At the expiration of each certification period, entitlement to Food Stamp benefits ends. Benefits shall not be continued beyond the end of a certification period without a new determination of eligibility, even if the household has requested a fair hearing of an adverse action.


Food Stamp certification periods shall conform to calendar months. The month of application shall generally be the first month of the certification period for initial applications, even if the household’s eligibility is determined in a subsequent month. However, upon recertification the certification period will begin with the month following the last month of the previous certification period.


Example:  A household submits an initial application in January and the application is not processed until February. If the household is eligible for January, a six-month certification period would include January through June.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents