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For households entitled to expedited service, the county office will determine eligibility timely enough for the household to receive the benefits on or before the seventh (7th) calendar day following the application date.  Expedited service timeliness standards do not begin until the household files an application (Refer to Exhibit B, Processing Standards for Expedited Service).


Note:  The application would need to be completed on or before the 4th calendar day to insure that the benefits would be received by the seventh calendar day.


If a household is entitled to expedited service and to a waiver of the office interview, the worker will conduct the interview either through a home visit or by telephone, and will complete the application process within the expedited service timeliness standards.  If the worker conducts a telephone interview and must mail the application to the household for a signature, the application must be mailed the same day that the telephone interview is conducted.  However, expedited service processing timeframes begin the date a signed application is received in the county office (Refer to Exhibit B, Processing Standards for Expedited Service).


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