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Treatment of Income – Budgeting




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(a)  General Information


·        “Initial month” means the first month for which the household is certified for food stamps following any period during which the household was not certified.


·        All households’ initial month’s benefits are subject to proration and such benefits are based on the households’ application date.


·        Using the calendar month, households’ initial month’s benefits are prorated from the application date to the end of the month.


·        When initial month’s benefits (before or after proration) are less than $10.00, the household will receive no benefits for that month.


(b) Procedures for Determining Initial Month’s Benefits


1.       Establish whether the household meets the net income eligibility standard.


2.       Based on the household’s net income and household size, use the Basis of Issuance chart to determine the unprorated allotment.


3.       Calculate the prorated amount by using the following formula in sequences of the steps listed below.




Full mo.’s benfs. x (no. of days in mo. + 1 - appl. date)  = Allotment

            No. of days in the month


Example:  Mr. Smith applied on April 10 and is eligible. The full allotment for a month is $200.


$200 x (30 + 1 - 10) = $200 x 21 = 4200 / 30 = $140


Mr. Smith’s prorated allotment for April is $140.


4.      When prorated benefits for the initial month are less than $10.00, the household will receive no benefits for that month.


5.      The proration calculator at may be used to calculate the initial month’s benefits when the caseworker has to do this manually.


(c)  Initial month benefits for households certified using expedited service standards are subject to proration.


(d) If the application for recertification is not received until after the certification period expired, then that application shall be considered an initial application and benefits for that month shall be prorated. Anyone applying after the expiration of the certification period will have their initial month benefits prorated.


(e)  Eligible households which are entitled to no benefits shall be denied on the basis that net income exceeds the level below which no benefits are issued.


Eligible households which are entitled to no benefits in their initial month of application, but are entitled to benefits in subsequent months, shall be certified beginning with the month of application.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents