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Food Stamp Online  Policy Manual

Treatment of Income – Budgeting

Income Of Resident Farm Laborers, Migrant Households, School Employees and Other Contractual Employees




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(a)   Expedited Service


Migrant farm laborers usually have little or no income when entering an area and may qualify for expedited services.


(b)   Resources


It must be determined whether migrants have out-of-state resources or income from real property in the home base area. A migrant family is permitted one home and lot as an exemption from resources, as any other household.


Example:  If the applicant has a home and lot in Texas and does not own a residence in Tennessee, the Texas home will be exempted as a resource. It must be determined whether out-of-state real property is being rented or is producing income. If such property is producing income, such income must be added to all other household income in determining eligibility and basis of issuance for Food Stamps.


(c)    Employment and Training


Employable members of migrant households who are not employed at least 30 hours a week or receiving weekly earnings equal to the federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours must register for and accept suitable employment in the same manner as other persons.


Migrants who have a contract for work (whether written or verbal commitment) are considered employed and are exempt from registering for work if the minimum 30 hours per week requirement is met.


There are some conditions that could prevent migrants with employment secured from being able to start working; such as inclement weather, delay in crops, etc.   As these conditions change, they will be able to start working. Migrants in this situation should be considered employed and working as specified in Section 1240-1-3-.45.


(d)   Income of Children in Migrant Households


The earned income of a student under 18 years of age is exempt and must be differentiated from the rest of the household’s income. Unless income can be identified as being earned specifically by a student, the total income shall be prorated equally among the number of household members working and exclude that portion allotted to the student. This provision applies to students who are currently attending school and those who plan to return to school after academic breaks. Individuals are considered children for purposes of this provision if they are under the parental control of another household member.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents