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Failure to Comply with Work Requirements




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An individual shall be disqualified for the appropriate time period. If an individual has failed to comply at the end of the minimum disqualification period, the disqualification shall continue until the individual cures the disqualification or becomes exempt from work registration requirements.


(a)   To cure the disqualification, the member must comply with a work requirement. The minimum period of the disqualification must be served, even if the individual complies before the time period expires.


(b)   The disqualification will end, regardless of whether the minimum disqualification period has been served, when the individual meets one of the following exemptions:


1.   becomes subject to and complies with a work registration requirement under Cash Assistance or Unemployment Compensation;


2.   becomes a parent or other member of a household with responsibility for a dependent child under six or for an incapacitated person;


3.   becomes a student enrolled at least half time in any recognized school, training program or institution of higher education;


4.   becomes a regular participant in a drug addiction or alcoholic treatment and rehabilitation program;


5.   becomes employed a minimum of 30 hours per week or receiving weekly earnings which equal the minimum hourly wage rate multiplied by 30 hours; or


6.   is between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and is not a head of a household, or is attending school or enrolled in an employment training program, at least half-time.


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