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Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependent Children


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When an individual becomes exempt from the ABAWD requirement (either by a county exemption or personal exemption) or complies with a requirement an individual can regain eligibility.†† The person will remain eligible as long as an exemption is or requirement is met.†† If the individual has been receiving assistance and has used the original six months in the 36 month period, and subsequently loses employment or stops working or participating in training or a work experience program, participation in the Food Stamp Program can continue for up to three consecutive months (beginning the date the county is notified that work activity has ended).†† Once initiated, this three-month period must be consecutive.†† The individual is only eligible for one consecutive three-month period during the 36 months.†† Eligibility under this requirement can be regained if during the 30-day period prior to application the individual:

        works 80 hours or more;


Note:If an individual would have worked an average of 20 hours per week but missed some work for good cause, the individual shall be considered to have met the work requirement if the absence from work is temporary and the individual retains his or her job.


        volunteer work or work for benefits in lieu of wages or a combination of the types of work for at least 20 hours per week;


        participates in and complies with a WIA Program, Trade Adjustment Act Program, or Employment and Training Program (other than Job Search or Job Search training program) for 80 hours or more;


        participates in and complies with a state-approved work experience program for 80 hours or more; or


        participating in a Workfare Program through DOLWD (hours based on allotment).


After the individual has received the months of entitled eligibility and is not exempt or meeting the work requirements, he/she is ineligible for Food Stamp benefits.†† The able-bodied individualís resources are counted in their entirety to the remaining Food Stamp household.†† The ABAWDís income is prorated among all food stamp household members and the ineligible memberís portion is not counted.†† The ABAWD individual is not counted in computing the utility standard.


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