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Food Stamp Table of Contents


(1)   The Family Assistance Manual of the Tennessee Department of Human Services contains the official guidelines for staff responsible for the implementation of the policies and procedures governing the administration of the Food Stamp Program.


(2)   The manual content details the eligibility policies which govern the Food Stamp Program. These policies have been written to cover the majority of case situations which come to the attention of the agency. However, it is recognized that certain individual situations will be presented which are not covered in the present policy material. In the absence of specific policy statements, the county office should reach a decision based on the principles of eligibility as stated in the manual and with assistance, as necessary, from the regional and state supervisory staff.


(3)   This manual provides the caseworker with standard policy for

        certification procedures

        procedures by which the application for benefits is accepted and processed as well as the office procedures to be followed in record keeping and case management.

        client rights and responsibilities

        a description of special coverage groups which differ from the usual in either eligibility policy or procedure

        an explanation of the functions and uses of other divisions within the Department, such as Quality Control, Fraud and Overpayment, Administrative Review, Investigative Services, and Social Services.


Glossary of Terms



Food Stamp Table of Contents