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A strike is a concerted stoppage of work by employees (including a stoppage by reason of expiration of a collective bargaining agreement) and any concerted slow-down or other concerted interruption of operations by employees.


An individual is “participating in a strike” if he/she refuses in concert with others to provide services to one’s employers.


If a Families First parent with whom the children live is participating in a strike, the entire aid group is ineligible for as long as the parent is on strike.


If an AU member other than a parent is participation in a strike, that individual is ineligible for assistance as long as he/she is on strike.


If payment of Families First benefits has already been made for any month(s) in which a parent or other assistance unit member participated in a strike as of the last day of the month, the payment (or the individual’s share) for the entire month constitutes an overpayment subject to recovery.



Table of Contents