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An individual must be given the chance to clear up a fleeing felon charge and demonstrate, if possible, that the charges are no longer, or were never valid.This opportunity must be given regardless of whether he/she is learning about the felony for the first time from the Department or whether it was reported/verified from another source that he/she has previous knowledge of the charge (see individuals who must be excluded from the AU section for definition).


When you are notified that someone is or may be a fleeing felon, contact the individual prior to taking action on the case.If the individual denies that he/she is a fleeing felon give him/her the opportunity to:


View the evidence that has been received about his/her felony status.


Provide evidence that the warrant, indictment or other instrument charging the individual with a felony has been satisfied, retired, never existed, or that an error has been made that would make a denial of eligibility for fleeing status inapplicable.


In order to provide coverage for other AU members, it may be necessary to take action on the case prior to the resolution of the individualís fleeing felon status.In these situations, approve the case without including the individual charged with being a fleeing felon.If the issue is resolved in the individualís favor at a later date, restore benefits back to the date he/she would have been eligible had the fleeing felon issue not been a factor.



Table of Contents