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To qualify for a Diversion payment, a client must:


        Meet Families First eligibility criteria.


Note: An uncured sanction does not cause a client to be ineligible for a diversion payment. Bulletin 28, FA-08-20


        Have an identifiable one-time financial need.


Note: A one-time financial need will be determined by the client representative on a case-by-case basis. Examples of a one-time need could include:


-       Housing security deposit or moving expenses.

-       Transportation car repairs.

-       Child Care cash to cover CC expenses during the temporary incapacity of a relative CC provider.

-       Job needs work clothes, uniforms, tools, or supplies that are a prerequisite to securing a job.


        Have been a resident of Tennessee for six months.


        Have not received cash assistance in any state in the two years prior to application.


        Have never received a Diversion payment in any state.


        Have no major barriers to employment, like a drug/alcohol problem.


        Have a GED or high school diploma.


        Have a recent work history.


Note: Recent job history is defined as currently employed, or employed steadily in six of the past twelve months, three of which must have been consecutive.



Table of Contents