Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Interviewing for Eligibility




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The Department will schedule an interview as promptly as possible after the filing of the application in order to ensure that benefits are issued by the 45th day following the application file date.


An applicant who misses an interview will be notified (via the eligibility and case management system) that an appointment can be rescheduled if necessary.  A second interview will not be automatically scheduled.  An application that is pending will be denied by the 45th day, if the applicant does not reschedule a missed interview.


An AU will have an annual renewal interview.  The Eligibility and case management system will provide an appointment notice to the AU the month before the AU renewal is due.  If the client fails to appear for the interview or make contact, the Families First benefits will be terminated following the 10-day adverse action period.



Table of Contents