Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Interviewing for Eligibility




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All Families First applicants will have a face-to-face interview prior to the initial authorization of eligibility.


Families First recipients will have an annual interview to renew their eligibility.  This interview may be face-to-face or by phone.


The interview will usually be with the client.  However, if the client has a guardian or authorized representative, this person may be interviewed in lieu of the client if special needs accommodations are necessary.  The authorized representative may not negotiate/renegotiate the PRP or provide child support cooperation information.


A Families First AU must have a PRP.  If the AU contains two adults with work requirements, both adults must be interviewed to establish the PRP.  If the AU includes a minor parent who is either a dependent child or a caretaker, the minor parent must also be interviewed and must sign a PRP.



Table of Contents