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Families First Online Policy Manual

Interviewing for Eligibility




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The interview with the Families First client establishes the reason for the individualís request for assistance, helps determine eligibility, and ascertains the kind of assistance that would be most beneficial in meeting his/her needs.Once an applicant has met all technical requirements for Families First, the caseworker/client rep will determine which of the four program paths is most appropriate for the family.


The four paths are:


1.      Child-Only


The caretaker is a non-parental relative, not included in the AU, or an SSI caretaker.


Note: Cases with an illegal alien caretaker follows the child only path but are not exempt from time limits.


2.      Work Exempt


The caretaker is an eligible member of the AU but is unable to work because he/she:


        Is 65 years old or older

        Is disabled

        Is temporarily incapacitated

        Is caring for an in-home disabled relative 1

        Is a parent in a two parent household caring for an infant less than 16 weeks of age 2

        Is a single parent caring for an infant less than 1 year of age


3.      Diversion


The caretaker is technically eligible for Families First, but he/she meets the Diversion criteria and chooses to receive a one-time $1,200 payment to meet an immediate financial need in lieu of receiving Families First participation.


4.      Work Requirement


The caretaker is technically eligible for Families First, is not exempt from a work requirement, and either does not meet the Diversion criteria or does not choose Diversion.



Table of Contents