Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

General Administrative Procedures




Table of Contents


·        Release to law enforcement officials to assist in prosecuting fraud against the Department or child abuse.


·        Release to appropriate agencies assisting in collection of child support in the Families First program.


·        Release to service providers, such as mental health professionals, providing services to abusive or neglectful parents.


·        Release to contracting agencies working with the Department who are providing Families First work services.


·        Release to the child’s guardian ad litem in child custody and guardianship cases.


·        Release disbursement reports, total expenditures of funds, number of recipients and other statistical information, social data, and reports on surveys; ( Disbursement reports cannot be copied).


·        Release to agencies where the information operates to the welfare of the individual and will not be used for embarrassment or exploitation and the agency assures that confidentiality will be protected and gives assurance that the information will be used only for the purposes it was requested.


·        Information may be released to appropriate law enforcement officials as may be needed in the apprehension and/or conviction of a felon.  (This information will not be released to process servers or for civil reasons).


·        Information that is requested through a valid subpoena or court order will be provided.  The court will be asked to limit the scope of discovery if it appears that this gives the attorney an opportunity to review information that is not part of the intended request.


·        Release to the applicant or recipient.



Table of Contents