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General Administrative Procedures




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The application and renewal interviews are conducted in an on-line interactive process.   If the system is not available or if the interview must be conducted in a remote site where the system is not available, the interview shall be recorded on a paper application and shall immediately be entered in the eligibility and case management system upon return to the office.


The date of the application/renewal will always be the date the signed and dated application form is received in the county office or if the interview is conducted in a remote sight and the form is provided at this time, the date will be the date the caseworker receives the form.  The application date is entered in the eligibility and case management system and is used to track the case for the timeliness and establish the start date of benefits.


The electronic file will contain responses to all interview questions.

The file will contain verifications of all eligibility activities.  The verification will be entered on the appropriate screen using the appropriate code to describe the source of the verification.  The date of the information is recorded on the screen and the system date will reflect the date the information is entered.


Comments, additional verification information, and any other pertinent information to the eligibility of the case will be recorded on the running record comment screen.  It is not necessary to document additional information about every piece of information where a code is used to verify information, but should be used to provide details of the verification that may be unclear otherwise.  When recording information in the eligibility and case management system, the caseworker/client rep should always indicate his/her name on the recording.


Verification that is provided by the application/recipient or secured by the caseworker should be recorded in the eligibility and case management system and should be returned to the applicant/recipient or destroyed as appropriate.


The caseworker/client rep may request the expected change screen to remind her/him of potential changes that may occur in a case.


The eligibility and case management system will issue alerts to the caseworker/client rep on the case when an action is needed to update the file or review certain information.



Table of Contents