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Families First Online Policy Manual

General Administrative Procedures




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All Families First cases are maintained in an electronic file.


        The paper application that is signed by the applicant/recipient is maintained in the county office in an alphabetical file by month of application or renewal. These forms must be maintained in a manner that allows them to be retrieved as necessary.


        The Families First assistance unit is a part of the case file for all of the members of a common residence group. There may be multiple assistance units in a single case. The application or reapplication for assistance is completed on a single one-page application form for all types of assistance- Families First, Food Stamps, and Medicaid for all members of the common residence group.


        Case numbers and individual recipient ID numbers are assigned by the eligibility and case management system.


        The case number contains a 10 digit number that is a common number for the residence group. The case number will also have a 4 digit alpha category type which defines the type of assistance for which the assistance unit potentially qualifies. The case number also contains a 2 digit sequence number that identifies the assistance unit when there is more than one of that category contained in the case file.


        Case records will maintain their case number as long as the case is in active or historical status on the eligibility and case management system. When a closed case reapplies, the old case number should be selected to reopen an application. Individuals that leave an existing case and apply in their own right will have a new case number assigned, but will retain their existing recipient identification number.




Table of Contents