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Family Cap




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Once the Family Cap has been applied to a child, it will continue until the case is closed.   When an AU that has had the Family Cap applied to an AU child closes, Family Cap will be continued upon reapplication when the AU was closed for a sanction due to non-cooperation with the following Departmental policies and rules:


·        Failure to cooperate with Child Support.

·        Failure to fulfill Personal Responsibility Plan provisions and requirements.


Note:  These PRP provisions and requirements apply to work requirements and to the immunization, health check, and school attendance agreements.  Though non-compliance with the latter agreements doesn’t cause case closures, if at the time of closure, a non- compliance is discovered in these areas or a 20% grant sanction is already in place, the Family Cap will continue at reapplication.


Example: The Families First AU is closed effective 9/30/98 due to failure to comply with a work activity.  The caretaker reapplies for benefits on 12/15/99 and is approved.


Action on case: The Family Cap continues to apply to this case because the closure was due to failure to comply.



Table of Contents