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Child Care




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Transitional Child Care Assistance ends when:


·        Eligibility for TCC ends.


·        The family’s gross monthly income exceeds 60% of the State Median Income for that size family.


·        The caretaker no longer fulfills the work requirement.


·        A participant who is employed and/or in an education/training program for at least 20  hours at the time TCC eligibility begins, fails to raise his/her hours to meet the requirement within 30 calendar days (of the date he/she qualified for TCC).


·        A participant’s activity hours fall below the required 30 hours and the participant does not regain the required hours within 30 calendar days.


·        A participant fails to pay late parent fees after attempts by the provider and the child care specialist to collect the fees or to set up a repayment plan.  The provider will continue to receive state reimbursement while the provider and child care specialist attempt to collect the fees and while the repayment plan is being developed.


Note:  if the participant agrees to try and increase his/her hours but fails, he/she will no longer qualify for TCC.  The agreement to make the attempt just gives the individual more time to meet the qualifications.  Participants who refuse to attempt to increase their hours will not qualify, at the time of the refusal.


If the AU does not qualify for TCC at the time of FF closure but later qualifies during the 18-month eligibility period, payments will begin at that time.  Child care assistance will continue for the remainder of the eligibility period as long as the AU qualifies for TCC payments.


There is no requirement for a set period of time to receive cash assistance prior to case closure in order to be eligible for TCC.  For example, if a Families First case is closed after just one month of assistance, the family is eligible for Transitional Child Care.


If a participant who is receiving TCC reapplies for Families First and is determined to be ineligible for cash assistance, the participant will continue to be eligible for the remainder of the original 18 months of TCC.  For example, a participant who has used eight months of TCC reapplies for Families First and is determined ineligible, the participant is eligible for the remaining ten months of the original 18 months of TCC.


A Families First AU is eligible for 18 months of TCC each time the AU closes.  For example, an AU has used six months of TCC, reapplies for Families First and is approved.  At a later date, Families First assistance closes and the AU is again eligible for 18 months of TCC.



Table of Contents