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Child Care




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The following types of child care assistance are available to families receiving, or transitioning off of Families First:


·        Families First Child Care pays for child care while the Families First caretaker, adult or minor parent is participating in work, education, and training activities.  This child care includes the participant’s travel time to and from these activities.


·        Transitional Child Care is available for 18 months after the Families First cash assistance stops. TCC requires the caretaker to contribute to the cost of care. 


·        At-Risk Child Care families may be eligible for an additional 6 months of child care when TCC ends, based upon funding availability. Bulletin 28, FA-11-17


See At-Risk Child Care section for discussion of program change.  Bulletin 30, FA-11-19


Note:  The ACC period of potential eligibility begins the first day of the month following the date the 18-month period of TCC eligibility ends, and ends six months from that date.  Individuals can qualify at any point during the six-month ACC period of potential eligibility, but will not be extended past the established six-month period when this occurs.  Individuals who do not qualify at the time of the TCC closure date will not receive the full six months of ACC.  Bulletin 30, FA-11-19


·        At-Risk Child Only (ARCO) is for Families First Child-Only caretakers who meet Transitional Child Care (TCC) policy guidelines.  Qualified applicants will be eligible for ARCO as long as funding is available.  Certificates will be issued for six month periods.  A redetermination review of all areas of eligibility is required during the last month of the 6-month certification period. 



Table of Contents