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At the point the DHS caseworker/client rep takes action on a case that will authorize closure of the Families First cash case, child care eligibility will be suspended.  The suspension effective date will be equal to the expiration date of the adverse action period; 10 calendar days from the date the case was closed on the eligibility and case management system (begin the count with the day following the mailing date of the notice).  If the 10th day falls on a weekend, or a holiday, the adverse action period will be extended until the next working day.  Once the child care specialist receives the suspension notification, he/she will send written notice of suspension to the participant and the child care provider.


Example:  The DHS caseworker/client rep takes action to close the Families First case on 7/24/07 due to the participant’s failure to show for a renewal appointment.  The closure is authorized in the eligibility and case management system on 7/24/07, with a closure effective date of 8/31/07.  The eligibility and case management system mail date is 7/25/07.  The DHS caseworker/client rep enters the date of 8/6/07 as the suspension date in the eligibility and case management system for the FF child care.


Exception:  Do not suspend child care if the participant is currently employed.  For cases in which the participant is employed, the child care will have an eligibility end date that corresponds with the effective date of Families First closure.  This will allow the participant to continue to receive child care uninterrupted while they move to TCC.



Table of Contents