Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Child Care




Table of Contents


List the Families First child care effective date, date referred and the completion date in accordance with eligibility and case management system instructions.The caseworker/client rep must document any pertinent information about child care in the eligibility and case management system. This includes, but is not limited to:


        The caretakerís choice of child care.


When the Families First child care or TCC referral was made to the child care specialist, if the referral was a manual one.


        Any problems that the caretaker might have either finding or keeping appropriate child care.


        The caretakerís decision to choose the child care disregard instead of the Families First child care.


        The begin/end dates of the disregard.


        Reasons for termination/reduction of child care.


        When notification of termination/reduction in child care and rights and responsibilities sheet was sent to the participant and child care specialist.


        An explanation of why a TCC referral was not sent for a closed AU.



Table of Contents