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Families First Online Policy Manual

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The following will be available to all staff involved in eligibility determination for Families First benefits:


        Tennessee Family Assistance Plan of Operation (includes waiver information).

        Federal procedures.

        Tennessee Department of Human Services Families First Handbook.

        Supplemental instructions (bulletins and memos) issued for use in serving households applying for Families First.


These program guides will be maintained in the county and State Office of the Department of Human Services for examination by the public on regular workdays during regular office hours.


Copies of the Families First Handbook are made available to public custodians. Public custodians are those who:


        Request the manual or handbook for use by the public.

        Are centrally located and publicly accessible to a substantial number of the recipient population.

        Agree to accept responsibility for filing amendments and changes forwarded to them by DHS.


Initial copies and complete reprints are issued to public custodians without charge. Any other request has charge related to the cost of reproduction.


Any group or individual, other than those mentioned above, who requests a handbook and agree to use it for informational purposes, may be furnished a copy at the discretion of the Commissioner or his/her designee. There may be a charge related to the cost of reproduction. Upon request, specific policy materials necessary for an applicant/recipient or his/her representative to determine whether a fair hearing should be requested or to prepare for a hearing may be made available to the applicant/recipient and/or representative without charge.


An up-to-date copy of the Families First Handbook is maintained in the county, district, and state DHS offices. Copies of portions of the manual will be made available upon request to students, researchers, and other agencies at cost of reproduction of the materials.


An up-to-date copy of the Families First Handbook is available through the Internet at




Table of Contents