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During application interviews, both initial and renewal, every client will be asked:


        Do you need help with your application?

        If so, what kind of help will you need?

        Do you need help to give us the proof we need to finish your application?

        If so, what kind of help will you need?

        Do you have any physical or mental difficulties that will make it hard for you to take part in a work or training activity?

        If so, what kind of help will make taking part easier for you?

        Do you have a disabled family member living in your home who needs in-home care?Bulletin 30, FA-08-22


If the client indicates that he/she is unable to take part in activities even with help, the caseworker will ask one more question:


        If you cannot take part in the program, even with help, do you want to see if you can be exempt from the work requirement?


The above listed questions, with client answers, must be recorded in the case record. Bulletin 14, FA-08-10


If the individual indicates an interest in pursuing an exemption for him/herself or because of a disabled family member, the caseworker will begin the incapacity process or the process to determine the need for in-home relative care.


If the responses to the questions above indicate that the individual may need an accommodation to participate in a work activity, and the individual has a work requirement or wants to volunteer, further questioning regarding the need for accommodations will take place during the client repís interview.


Note: If the questionnaire results in positive answers during a renewal that indicate the client rep needs to do a follow-up screening, the caseworker will document the case record and contact the client rep for a follow-up screening.



Table of Contents