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Verification Procedures




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        A collateral contact is a verbal confirmation of the AUís circumstances by an individual outside of the home who is knowledgeable of the facts being verified for the AU.


        The contact may be made in person or by telephone.


        The caseworker may select the collateral or may ask the client to provide a collateral.


        The caseworker does not have to accept the collateral named by the client.The caseworker should interview the collateral thoroughly enough to ascertain the relationship and reliability of the collateral so that a decision can be made that the collateralís statements are acceptable.


        When using a collateral, document the eligibility and case management system stating the date contact, whether it was in person or by telephone, or in writing; document the name of the collateral contact; document the relationship of the collateral to the AU; and the content of the collateral contact.



Table of Contents