Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Application Process




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The standard of promptness for completing Families First applications will be 45 days following the date the signed and dated application is received in the county office.


The Department is under Federal court order to process all applications timely.  Any application for Families First that is not processed and authorized on the 49th day will be issued interim benefits based on the information that is available in the case record.


The authorization action will consist of approval or denial.  Denial will be based on ineligibility for the program, failure to develop and sign a Personal Responsibility Plan, loss of contact, withdrawal of the application, or death of the applicant.


The assistance unit is authorized on the eligibility and case management system. When the authorization occurs, the case is processed overnight and the appropriate notice and benefits (if any) are mailed to the AU on the next working day.



Table of Contents