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Families First Online Policy Manual

Application Process




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        The application should be filed in the county of residence. If the assistance unit should move from the county during the application process, the application will be transferred and the application date will be protected.


        Any person making an inquiry about an application should be advised of his/her right to same-day filing to protect the application start date.


        Any person requesting to file an application will be given the opportunity to do so and will not have to provide proof of any eligibility criteria prior to doing so.


        If an application is requested by mail, it must be mailed the same day the request is made.


        If a county has designated offices to serve specific areas of the county, applicants may contact the wrong office. When this occurs, the applicant must be advised of the correct office at which he/she should apply and be given the address and phone number. The applicant must be given information about same-day filing. An offer should be made to forward the application to the correct office. If the application is received by mail in the wrong office, the application must be mailed to the correct office the same day.


        The assistance unit may voluntarily withdraw its application at any time prior to the determination of eligibility. The caseworker will document in the Eligibility and case management system the reason for withdrawal and that contact was made with the AU to confirm the withdrawal. The AU will be advised of the right to reapply at any time.



Table of Contents