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If a client with a work requirement self-initiates, the Family Services counselor will contact the work activity provider to determine if he/she agrees that the client may be referred.If so, the work activity contractor will complete a referral form and send it to the Family Services counselor for an initial assessment.


If the client is work exempt, the Family Services counselor will contact the caseworker who will complete a referral form so that an initial FSC assessment can be completed.If an individual informs the caseworker/client rep that he/she is in a treatment program or has initiated a safety plan to escape domestic violence, the caseworker/ FF work activity contractor may offer an FSC referral.The Family Services counselor will not change the clientís treatment or safety plan, but will assess the individualís situation to determine if there are other services that are needed.The intent is to fit the clientís self-initiated services into the Families First work plan without interrupting the service/treatment plan that the individual has begun.


Note: Residence in a domestic violence shelter or a full-time residential treatment program is not an exemption from the work requirement, but is a good cause reason for non-compliance.



Table of Contents