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Family Services Counseling




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Information needed to complete the Personal Responsibility Plan and the Individualized Career Plan for work requirement provisions is shared between the caseworker/client rep or FF work activity contractor and the Family Services counselor.  However, due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter and the confidentiality of the client/counselor relationship, some information related to Family Services Counseling will not be shared with the caseworker/FF work activity contractor.  The FSC will share with the work activity contractor pertinent information related to barriers that may affect the individual in training and employment.


Federal law on substance abuse and mental health treatment contain rigid confidentiality rules that must not be violated.  There will be some information on activities and barriers that will not be shared with the caseworker or work activity contractor, unless the client allows it.  All Family Services Counseling related activities will be referred to by the caseworker/FF work activity contractor in the eligibility and case management system as “Family Services Counseling.”  For example, a client needs treatment for a mental health condition.  The caseworker/client rep will know that the client has 10 hours a week of “Family Services Counseling” and may know that the person is in treatment, but may not know that the treatment is for a mental health condition.



Table of Contents