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Family Services Counseling




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        Caseworkers and client reps will inform all assistance units about the availability of Family Services Counseling. Explain Family Services Counseling, and who may be eligible to receive these services.


        If a work exempt client meets any of the referral criteria, offer a referral to Family Services Counseling and complete a referral form if the client indicates interest.


        If a client with a work requirement meets any of the referral criteria and requests FSC, the client rep will make the FSC referral and will include this information in the referral to the work activity contractor.

Bulletin 10, FA-08-07

        If the work activity contractor feels a FSC referral is indicated, he/she will offer a referral to the client and complete an FSC referral form if the client wants to participate in FSC.


Note: If the individual does not volunteer the reason for the referral, do not ask for the reason. If the individual volunteers the information about the reason for the referral, the caseworker will complete this portion of the referral form. Document any observations that might be helpful to the Family Services counselor in the comments section of the referral form.



Table of Contents