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For purposes of the work activity requirement, a minor parent caretaker is defined as an individual, under the age of twenty, who is the head of a Families First case.


As long as these caretakers are in high school, or an equivalent program, they will be considered to have met their 30-hour work requirement.These cases will be monitored by the client representative.When the minor parent caretaker reaches twenty years of age, he or she will have

a 30-hour work activity requirement and must be referred to a work activity contractor, whether or not he or she has graduated from high school or completed an equivalent program.If the minor parent caretaker will continue in school after age 20, 10 hours of the 30 required activity hours may still be used for education.Bulletin 15, FA-08-11


Minor parent caretakers in high school, or an equivalent program, that need support services, including transportation, may be referred to a work activity contractor for those services only (not work activity services).This will not include transportation for the minor parentís child to day care unless that service is one the contractor already provides.The client rep will monitor these cases.


Note: It is important to remember that there is a difference between a minor parent caretaker and a dependent minor who is a member of his/her parentís Families First case.A minor parent caretaker may continue in high school (or an equivalent educational program) until he or she reaches 20 years of age.A dependent minor (whether a parent or not) is considered a dependent child in Families First until he or she reaches age 18 or age 19 (if he or she is expected to graduate by age 19). Bulletin 15, FA-08-11



Table of Contents